Ultima Mobility: Taking made-in-France bicycles to the next level

Ultima Mobility: Taking made-in-France bicycles to the next level

In an era when product provenance is increasingly important to consumers, Ultima Mobility proudly stands out from the crowd. The Origine France Garantie certification recently obtained by Ultima Mobility for its range of electrically assisted trekking, cargo, cargo family and city bikes, reinforces its commitment to quality, authenticity and local production. Discover how these "Made in France" bikes embody excellence and innovation in the urban vehicle landscape.


Bicycles Made in France: Ultima Mobility's commitment to the quality of local industry

Origine France Garantie certification is much more than just recognition for Ultima Mobility. It's a testament to the company's deep commitment to the local manufacture of its bikes. Each bike is carefully designed, produced and assembled in France, to put the spotlight back on France's historic industrial know-how in this sector. This approach not only supports the local economy, it also guarantees superior quality, a guarantee of durability and performance for cyclists.


Bicycles made in France: the fusion of innovation and tradition

Ultima Mobility doesn't just reproduce the standards of the past. The company pushes the boundaries of innovation by fusing tradition with modern, innovative technology. Each bike is the fruit of meticulous research, incorporating new materials and avant-garde design. As a result, trekking, cargo and city bikes become reliable and innovative travel companions, reflecting the very best of French production.


Outstanding partnerships

At the heart of Ultima Mobility's success lies a network of partners who share the same vision of a cycle industry whose production is relocated in France. Origine France Garantie certification is not simply the result of the company's isolated efforts, but rather the fruit of close collaboration with local suppliers and craftsmen who share a common passion for excellence and French know-how. 

We would like to thank our partners who have helped us produce these bikes made in France:

  • Joker for the forks on our cargo bikes.
  • Valeo and Effigear for the motor with integrated automatic gearbox.
  • Motion engineering for the suspension on our trekking bike.
  • Neogy for our bike batteries.
  • Hutchinson for tires.
  • Mavic for the rims on our bikes.
  • Protoform, our partner who produces frames and forks using our patented "carbon monocoque and injected plastic" technology.


What is the Origine France Garantie label?

The aim of the Origine France Garantie label is to provide consumers with clear information on the origin of a product.
To obtain this label, the product must meet the following two criteria:

  • The place where the product takes its essential characteristics is located in France
  • At least 50% of the unit cost price is acquired in France

Obtaining this label is one of the strictest since, unlike the "made in france" label, it requires several audits by a certification body to verify the admissibility of the applicant's application and the conformity of the product to the label's requirements.

In the case of Ultima Mobility, over 90% of the value of the bicycles have been certified "Produit en France".


Join the Ultima Mobility Revolution

Origine France Garantie certification makes Ultima Mobility's trekking, cargo and city bikes invaluable. These bikes embody the perfect union of contemporary innovation and French artisan tradition. By choosing a "Made in France" bike from Ultima Mobility, cyclists opt for quality, durability and a contribution to the local economy. Together, we're pedaling towards a future where mobility and responsibility go hand in hand, carried by bikes that are much more than just a means of transport.