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Ultima Mobility
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Tel. +33 4 28 99 83 36
France (French) : Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00

Frequent Asked Questions

Delivery & account

What are the average delivery times?
From 10 to 30 days.
What are the advantages of creating a personal account?
To keep your details in memory for a better service.
Within the same order, can I have one product delivered to my home and another to a retailer?
Absolutely, at home being confortable with ebike or at one of our retaillers next to your own address.
I would like to order a product but my size is no longer available. When will I be able to order?
We currently do reassortment every 3 moins.
How do I delete my account?
By writting to our customer service.

ULTIMA Technology & circular

Could you tell me more about this new Frame technology ?
The only way to bring a sustainable eBike business is to develop smart concepts with an attractive European value and an agile and lean manufacturing. Therefore we investigated several manufacturing solutions including technology coming from the automotive industry and the main conclusions are below. The beauty of the ULTIMA concept is to use the best-in class injected light frame which will allow ULTIMA to use this automotive carry-over technology and to get access to the available injection capacity.
Could you share manufacturing insigths ?
- The best in Class injected light frame and production assembly links with order priority - A direct supply chain with suppliers based in France or Europe - All the equipments and system recorded during assembly - Empowered workers and eBike signed and Flexible stand assembly station
Could we get second hand parts to upgrade my ebike ?
- That could be done at our ULTIMA plant with new spare parts - You could use our FB page to contact ULTIMA community and looking for second hand parts or advices to upgrade your eBike

ULTIMA Business Development

Who should I contact to talk about BTB ?
Using our contact Plateform and we will come back to you ASAP


What is the warranty period for ULTIMA eBike and frames?
Currently 2 years.
How do I register and activate the warranty extension of my frame / bike?
online with ULTIMA warranty.
I have bought, or I am going to buy, a second-hand frame / bike. Is it covered by warranty?
Yes assumiong you are within the current warranty period.
What is the warranty period for pedals?
2 years.
How do I register and activate the warranty extension of my accessoiries?
Online with ULTIMA warranty application however you will have to use ebike subscription and I'm affried we don't do warranty per accessory.
Can I change retailer or must I return to my original retailer?
Your are free to use the retailler which is more convenient for you.
How can I check that the ebike or frame is authentic?
It has been registered with its unique Bicy-Code.
Have you planned to offer an Extended Warranty ?
Yes this service will be soon online and we plan to offer also an ULTIMA Care service.

GPS Tracker

Should I change often the battery f the GPS Tracker ?
This is a life time batterie.
What will happen when my subscription will be over ?
You won't be able to track your ebike on the GPS tracker apps.
What should I do to subscribe 1 year more ?
To go on the ULTIMA online Shop and to subscribe for 1 year more and you will get your tracker working straight away.
What should I do to get the apps
Velco-Ultima apps will be online in june and you will get fro free on app store or android....

Valeo Motor

Could you tell me more about this Valeo motor ?
-130Nm torque and unique features to ensure the smoothest services -The Valeo Smart e-Bike System has been designed to ensure delivery services in all circumstances and to be compatible with any local typology (slopes, ramps, urban environment). -This is a matter of business continuity with the integrated gearbox avoiding derailing or delivery delays.
Could you share with me Valeo service approach ?
Retailers needs and expectations are our first priorities of Valeo and they propose personalized support with trainings and promotion, diagnostic tools, Hotline support, Express Logistics for part delivery. The MAP with the certify retaillers will be share soon.
Which type of maintenance is required for this Valeo Motor ?
You will have to change oil according userguide and that will be perfect.
Could you explain the way to calculate the range of battery?
- We did severals test and we calculate the average consumption. - The cycle has been done in France near to Nevers and the cycle has been done 33% urban, 33% road 33% gravel path.

Manuals and downloads

[PDF] Multipath Startup Guide

Download (PDF) 4.1 Mo (FR)

[PDF] Multipath User Guide

Download (PDF) 12.7 Mo (FR)

[PDF] Multipath Baramind Notice User guide

Download (PDF) 410 ko (EN)