Ultima, manufacturing electric bicycles in Europe

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Vélo électrique Origine France Garantie

Since the beginning of our adventure and the Ultima project, one golden rule has guided the development and design of every electric bicycle: to produce these bikes in France, or at least in Europe, in order to meet current and future societal and climatic challenges. Ultima Mobility is proud to meet this challenge, with 98% of Multipath's value sourced in Europe, 90% of which comes from France.



It was a major challenge, because between the reindustrialization of the region and innovation, Ultima had to address a number of issues. For the frame, forks, and stems, Ultima Mobility drew inspiration from the automotive industry to produce frames injected with recycled carbon and polyamide. Ultima's efforts have not only enabled it to produce in France, but also to create a strong, lightweight frame from innovative materials.

However, Ultima's aim was not only to produce the frames of its electric bikes in France, but also to equip the brand's cargo, gravel, and urban bikes with French or European components. So, thanks to partners sharing the same French values and skills, Ultima was able to equip its bikes with home-made peripherals. The result? Electric bikes in which around 90% of the value is produced in France.


Our partners include:

  • Valeo, which supplies the Valeo Smart e-bike System, the motor that equips all models in the range. The motor is produced at Saint-Quentin-Fallavier in France.
  • Neogy, supplying the 500Wh and 630Wh batteries for our bikes, also produced in Mérignac, France.
  • Joker, supplying the forks for our cargo bikes, is based in Lyon.
  • Baramind, equipping the handlebars of Ultima bikes with its shock-absorbing technology, based in Villeurbanne.
  • NovaRide, supplying external transmission components (tensioner and sprocket) and producing them in Cournon, France.
  • Hutchinson, for tires. Only tires produced in France at their La Châlette-sur-Loing site are fitted on our bikes.
  • Mavic for rims.
  • Motion Engineering, for the suspension of our trekking forks, is also based in Lyon.

By selecting partners with proven expertise and focusing on quality and proximity, Ultima Mobility is manufacturing the first bikes to be produced entirely in France.



In the interests of transparency to its customers, and in response to the problem of "franco-lavage" widespread in the bicycle industry, Ultima Mobility has obtained the Origine France Garantie label for its entire range of bicycles. To find out more, read our article on the subject.



Keen to promote French industry and position itself as a leader in the "made in France" bicycle movement, Ultima organized, in partnership with Effigear, Caminade, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Cycling Tech, and the CARA cluster, the first "made in France" bicycle convention in July 2023 during the Jazz à Vienne festival. The aim was to create a collective of innovative entrepreneurs, parapublic and associative players in the bicycle market, and to promote the "French" bicycle, by enabling these players to meet and exchange views on the issues facing the "made in France" bicycle market. The result of this first edition? Eighty companies from all over France, ten working groups drawing up twenty-five action plans to advance the reindustrialization of the cycle industry in France.