ULTIMA Mobility is the result of the meeting of three passionate actors with a strong urban mobility vision.

The Bike has always been a favorite object of urban mobility, particularly at the start of periods of great economic growth. Its use was then extended to sport or specific usage applications (and therefore more complexe).

Every day, more people decide to change their daily habits and go for a greener lifestyle. Our ambition is to support them and make this journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

ULTIMA is now convinced that the “Multipath” product is ideal for a new adopter thanks to the product’s ease of use being light, reliable, easy to ride, safe and using the best shifting quality.

Finally, the ULTIMA business model is a disruptive approach to deliver affordable products 100% designed and made in Europe using recycled material, lean factory and automotive technology.

The commercial approach is also disruptive with a dedicated BtoC Website a renting platform for discovering and Shop and Service specialists in the same place.

We should also anticipate the impact for eBike of the overall small mobility market as 2 or 3 wheelers and moving forward our product range will have to cover a wider scope.

Our story in video

From ultima to multipath by Jérome Mortal, cofounder of Ultima Mobility

Jerome Mortal


Entrepreneurial business developer working on new mobility with a particular emphasis on future strategy and solid experience in the international environment focusing on team and core skills development. Strong background in Management, organization, aim achievement, coordination and reporting to an international company

Brice Epailly


Chairman of CAMINADE SAS with a solid expertise on bike manufacturing custom made using different materials “titanium, steel, Carbone” and one of the first bike manufacturers combining frame multi materials and glue close fitting.

Mauro Ricci


Ultima aim to design and produce the variety of mobility objects that help hesitant users to take the plunge. To keep up with the active development all along the mobility business Ultima Mobility is opening up its capital to new partnership with Mauro RICCI, a businessman, widely known by working at Akka Technologies with nearly 40 years of activity in a host of sectors such an aeronautics, rail, health, telecom, oil, automobile,etc. From 2016 he is actively working in mobility sector after buying a Bertone: this new chapter is promising the arrival of even more genius mobility solutions for the variety of the end customers.

Our business solution for small and big company

Allowing your employees to travel by bike contributes to their well-being and will keep them in shape. We have a solution for your case. Fleet, care, lorem ipsum.

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Contact us by filling tour contact form. Our offers are custom made, we will treat you with first-class attention.

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