Easy to use &
accessible to all

and adaptable

Recycled plastic
alloy frame

90% made in France
98% made in Europe

Two models, unlimited possibilities

Eligible for government bonus : More information


Long range



Very peri


Battery 500wh (up to 75km)

Battery 630wh (up to 105km)

Available in City and Trekking version

Available in City and Trekking version

Flex fork in option

Mini-Cargo, Familly-Cargo or Flex fork in option

eBike tracker and accessories in option

eBike tracker and accessories in option

From € 2990

From € 3490

Our story in video

From ultima to multipath by Jérome Mortal, cofounder of Ultima Mobility

Take a closer look at how our products are made.

Made in France with 100% European material, partners and technology


New generation of frame and materials

The only way to bring a high quality and affordable ebike made in France was to use the last innovations coming from the automotive industry.

This frame is the first on the market using thin frame ‘’carbone and plastic’’ monocoque injected technology.

downtube battery

Multipath is available with two configurations of battery.

500Wh – 3kg

Long range
630Wh – 3,6kg

Eco mode

Eco mode

Predict mode

Predict mode

Turbo mode

Turbo mode


Frame sizing is not anymore required !

MULTIPATH has been designed with the same 69° for caster angle and the seat post.

This clever approach allows MULTIPATH to be compatible with cycliste from 1,4m to 1,9m (saddle position from 560mm to 770mm) and MULTIPATH to become the optimum answer for all the family applications….

Valeo Motor

The powerful
one solution

The Valeo Smart eBike System integrates both a 48V electric motor and an adaptive automatic transmission in the pedal assembly of electric bikes that instantly adapts to each individual’s riding style.





Number of speeds

Up to 7

Shifting type

Electrical automatic / manual


Gear shifting under load / at stop

Output Ratio




Predictive software

With multiple sensors (wheel speed, cadence, torque and tilting) and a precise algorithmic analysis of the rider behaviour and environment, our smart electronic system can adjust the electrical assistance, cranking frequency and pace to the optimum level.

Embedded Anti-theft

In case of theft, the electrical assistance automatically shuts down and the integrated gearbox switches to neutral position. An add-on GPS tracker module is possible in option to help localization of your ebike

Integrated system

The Valeo offer is not only a mid-drive unit: a full kit is available. Optimized Human Machine Interface (with USB and BT). Aftermarket services: repair, warranty, maintenance and hotline. USB port for smartphone continuous charging

Human Machine Interface

This drive you

This system consists of 2 devices: a main box (central display) and a deported box (remote control). The 2 devices are connected together by a fixed wiring. Thanks to the main box, the rider is able to put on or off the system, to turn on or off the lamps and to select the assistance mode (Eco, Predict, Turbo). The screen (TFT technology) of this main box gives all information useful to the biker (Battery SOC, Speed, Autonomy, Assistance mode).

The main box integrates the “intelligence” (PCB with a controller) of this system and too the connectivity (USB C and Bluetooth transceiver). The remote control has 3 buttons allowing to up and down the speeds and to change the mode (Manuel to Automatic or inversely). It integrates a throttle to start the walk assist mode or the boost mode.


Best Antitheft of the market

The ways to protect your MULTIPATH from robbery with the best securely antitheft pack of the market:

  • it has been registered with its unique Bicy-Code
  • it could move to neutral gear when you park and you move away of ebike
  • Double lock the frame and the wheel by using our nice foldable bike lock option
  • Adding the GPS Tracker, you will be able to look at your ebike location from your smartphone, to  lock it to the neutral gear from everywhere and also to switch on the alarm
Trekk version

The flex fork

The flex fork is a suspension that we have designed, developed for the urban environment.​ This suspension is also equipped with our drawn blade technology to make urban riding extremely comfortable. And in addition to providing all the necessary comfort, La city is absolutely maintenance-free!

Ultima Service : Change mide ? Send back your bike anytime for moving your fork to another. Contact us for more details.

Multipath Long range

The Mini cargo fork

The Mini cargo fork will turn your eBike into a compact cargo bike. Its central kickstand gives it perfect stability when stationary, even when loaded. This fork has been designed designed to adapt to your daily life and three sub-configurations are available 'Mini-Cargo, family and city".

Ultima Service : Change mide ? Send back your bike anytime for moving your fork to another. Contact us for more details.

Alternative ways of getting it

Our Lyon Micro Factory

By appointment only, our staff will welcome you at our Micro-Factory located at 50 Rue Jean Zay 69800 Saint Priest FRANCE and they will be pleased to support you on the customization process and to build your ideal ebike. Obviously a test ride and view of all the possibilities of our products will be possible ahead of this process.

Try it without limit with our partner “EQUIP”

Equip facilitates access to sport through self service solutions - providing premium sports gear worldwide. Equip and ULTIMA partnership will allow customers to test on a daily based our ULTIMA Product without limit. This approach positively impacts the environment, people and society.

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