Or in 4 payments without fees with Klarma

Multipath Model

Standard Long range

Motor with predict
shifting system

Ultra light
frame 2,7kg

500Wh battery
Up to 80km

2 years

14 days free
Trial and returns

Multipath Cargo Compact


With its loading volume of 100L, it will allow you to do your grocery shopping (fits 2 tote bags) or deliveries around the town (fits up to 7 Pizzas) and can be named as world’s most compact CARGO bike with a central kickstand that gives a perfect stability when stationary, even when loaded. 

This bike has been approved in the CARGO category and allows you to benefit from the associated government scheme.


630wh or up to 105km


Automatic passenger capacity for better comfort Torque of 130 Nm allowing to cross the climb up to 36%.


25kg including long range battery.


Color selection, mudguard, side bags rack, GPS tracker, engraving, personalization, etc.)


Its unique frame:
- compatible with cyclists from 140cm to 190cm tall;
- fit your lifestyle by using various configurations from TREKKING to CITY.


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●  for material damages and theft: Nationale - Nederlanden Schadeverzekering Maatschappij N.V., registered under number 2925 as an insurer in the Netherlands or Wakam, registered under number 562 117 085 as an insurer in France (Paris).

●  for assistance, when applicable: a local branch of Europ Assistance NV/SA, registered under number 451 366 405 as an insurer in France (Nanterre)

●  for the emergency expense guarantee, when applicable: Wakam, registered under number 562 117 085 as an insurer in France (Paris).

Depending on the country of residence of the policyholder, the insurance contract has a maximum duration of 5 years, consisting of fixed periods of a number of years according to the applicable insurance laws in the aforementioned country of residence. The fixed periods of years are typically tacitly renewable, unless the policyholder (or the insurer) objects to its renewal according to the applicable form requirements.

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