Ultima Mobility, a player in French reindustrialization, is a Lyon-based startup created in 2021 by 3 mobility enthusiasts and the desire to produce innovative, customer-focused and eco-responsible mobility solutions in France.

At ULTIMA Mobility, we believe in the transition to active mobility, and we want to make this experience a simple, pleasant and scalable reality adapted to our customers' current and changing needs.

Our aim? To make your life easier and turn your journeys into exciting adventures. All this, while allowing you to ride a Made in France bike, embodying French passion and know-how!
Discover the 1st range of "Origine France Garantie" bicycles.

The story

1992-2020 From the benches of INSA Rouen to the world of mobility

The story of Ultima Mobility began in 1992, when Jérôme Mortal and Brice Epailly met at INSA Rouen. The two shared a passion for bicycles and mobility, and after their studies, they decided to join forces. One, Brice, turned to bicycles and founded the CAMINADE brand of made-to-measure titanium bicycles, while the other, Jérôme, turned to the automotive industry, working first on the production of Formula 1 engines for Renault Sport, then on the group's sedans and single-seaters. His career then moved on to new electric mobility, as he developed the E-Pace for Jaguar, then the electric motors for the Ami one with Valeo, and finally the automatic gearbox motor for electric bicycles, again with Valeo.

November 2021 - The birth of the ULTIMA mobility project

November 2021, Brice and Jérôme get together and set themselves a crazy challenge. To use their respective expertise to manufacture in France, on a short circuit model, new and innovative mobility solutions adapted to users' current and changing needs. The foundations of the ULTIMA Mobility project are in place, all that's left to do is create!

2021-2022 - The Multipath, more than just an electric bike

ULTIMA Mobility's first product sees the light of day in 2022. The basic idea is to take all the obstacles to soft mobility and erase them with innovative solutions to simplify use. All this while producing the bike in France with local players. The Multipath bike range was born of these specifications.

November 2022 - Multipath commercial launch

November 2022 sees the commercial launch of the Multipath. The launch was well-received by retailers, who are now able to test the Multipath in 96 stores in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Finland.

May 2023 - The first range of electric bicycles to be certified "Origine France Garantie"

In the interests of transparency towards our customers, and in response to the problem of "franco-lavage" widespread in the bicycle industry, Ultima Mobility has obtained the Origine France Garantie label for its entire range of bicycles. A first in the world of electric bicycles in France. This certification guarantees our customers that our bikes are indeed produced in France. This in-depth study with AFNOR has enabled us to certify that 90% of the value of our bikes is produced in France (and 98% in Europe!).