£4,634.00 GBP

Or in 4 payments without fees with Klarma

Multipath Model

Standard Long range

Motor with predict
shifting system

Ultra light
frame 2,7kg

500Wh battery
Up to 80km

2 years

14 days free
Trial and returns

Multipath Cargo Business Compact Confort

£4,634.00 GBP

With its loading volume of 100L, it will allow you to do your grocery shopping (fits 2 tote bags) or deliveries around the town (fits up to 7 Pizzas) and can be named as world’s most compact CARGO bike with a central kickstand that gives a perfect stability when stationary, even when loaded. 

This bike has been approved in the CARGO category and allows you to benefit from the associated government scheme.


Cadre Ultima en composite carbone recyclé. Produit en France.


Automatic passenger capacity for better comfort Torque of 130 Nm allowing to cross the climb up to 36%.


Valeo Smart eBike System - Boite de vitesse intégré au moteur.

7 Vitesses


630wh or up to 105km


25kg including long range battery.